Friday, 1 July 2011

Guild Wars 2 Beta Thoughts

Recently I have been doing some deep thinking about the Guild Wars 2 open beta, a little about the closed too. The Guild Wars 2 beta is something ArenaNet isn't taking lightly. They understand that when we, the players, play the game for the first time it should be perfect. They want the game to be extremely polished and with as little bugs so our first experience is one to remember. This totally makes sense and I cannot complain one bit about.

My complaint with others not doing this is that too many times there have been game-breaking bugs in betas that aren't ironed out until after or during the beta. This really is disheartening to the game as I feel like that will be included in the finished product or it provides a bad portrayal of the game. I think ArenaNet understands that we are changing, the players expect more. This isn't some mediocre game being released, it is 2011 we have extremely advanced gaming technology and this is a triple A title. ArenaNet sees that we deserve the best they have to offer, and they are right.

Another thing I have discovered during my pondering and abstract mind tumbling that there is the Paris Games convention from Oct 21-25. And if they are playing demo's there how could open beta be released before this? This completely solidifies my sad and unwanted belief that Guild Wars 2 will not be a 2011 title. As many times as I have denied and wanted it to be untrue, it is true. There is no way humanly possible for ArenaNet's 270+ crew can rush this amazing game out for 2011. However the beta is confirmed for this year so I am assuming it will be sometime after October, unless something happens at PAX, because big news should be there. I don't know what more big news is left really? The Sylvari redesign, guilds, PvP, last profession, one more book and maybe beta. There really isn't a whole lot of information left for ArenaNet that is something we don't already know and is groundbreaking. We have now seen underwater combat, one of the bigger ones on their to-do list, so what is left?

Not a whole lot, and man does that make me happy.

Ramble complete, good day!

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