Monday, 11 July 2011

Guild Wars 2 Leaked Document

Now before I even write this (something I did not want to) this is completely speculation. I am just posting this because it is something recently I have seen from a supposed leaked document. I will post all information I have found and try to keep it as easy to understand as possible. Let's begin!

A while ago on May 24th a youtuber I follow posted a video. This video is related to a supposed leaked document with and the youtuber was sharing this because the info was relevant to his channel. He was doing a Sims update for his subscribers and I watched along. In the video (here ) at 00:40 seconds you can see the leaked document. Here it shows a bunch of different dates mostly Sims related but the one that of course caught my eye was Guild Wars 2. Now of course I knew for sure this was no verified source and something I couldn't attribute as being legit so I passed it off as a fake.

Now a month and a bit later and another video comes out from the same guy I mentioned above. This is confirming the release date of the Sims 3 Pets expansion pack. Now usually this is irrelevant but in the video I linked above the date it speculated for the Sims 3 pets expansion was October 25th, 2011. Now the thing that caught my attention was the fact that the release date for the Sims 3 expansion is October 27th 2011, two days from the leaked document. This to me gives the leaked document now seems a lot more legit.

Now this is where I come to with Guild Wars 2. On that leaked document (something that could be legit) there is the glorious Guild Wars 2! On the document it states that the Guild Wars 2 release date being September 1st. Now I understand completely that this is virtually impossible. I see no possible way for the beta test to happen and the game ship for September 1st, but this says something to me. That very well could be the date they had planned for, but are missing once again.

All of this is pure speculation I understand but just something that peaked my interest. The document seems a little suspicious so I am just stating what I believe. Other then that I hope at least that will be the beta date. I just hope Guild Wars 2 isn't pushed too far back like everyone else!

Ramble complete, good day!

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