Monday, 28 March 2011

Crafting Celebrations

The crafting system unveiled a while back for Guild Wars 2 has taken a lot of controversy. I am one of the people who really hopes they don't change it because I personally believe it is magnificent. A discovery system seems perfect for Guild Wars 2 considering the exploration freedom and mind blowing customization. To me it is a warmly welcomed fit.

The wiki issue also comes up a lot. Why couldn't people just find every recipe on the wiki? Well I think if those people want to look on the wiki they can. It isn't hurting anyone and it worked fine for Minecraft.

I can just imagine the exhilarating moment when my friends and I are crafting together and someone discovers a new recipe. We could trade the recipe around and make a nice tidy profit in doing this. Then the following search for the resources and happy times while we make profit selling in the marketplace. This is one of the most enjoying moments I can see myself doing during crafting.

At the start of release the new recipes to be found will be astronomical in my opinion. Everyone will be scrambling for all release things like recipes, guild names, character names, max level and other things. Another problem that could encounter would  finding all the recipes for a trade. This seems like a vast feat and not to mention that if you do there is still 8 crafting disciplines. I think by the time you master all 8 there will have been some sort of micro update to start you off again.

The discovery system, some people I think don't realize, could go on for months after release. The chances of finding every single recipe seems slim to none. There will probably be a lot of recipes that go untouched for months after release. I can see the smile already appearing on my face as the wiki turns up no results for my search of a new recipe I found.

Ahhh the joy that is to come :D Anyways...

Ramble complete, good day!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Demo Focus

It seems from most of the PAX 2011 videos I have managed to find all revolve around combat. People playing Guild Wars 2 only seem interested in fighting. Sure combat is what holds an MMORPG together but it isn't the only thing. I just wish there was more videos of people actually exploring. Instead of people just doing the same events over and over again with the same weapons, more should have tried to explore. Granted there was a few very nice videos. The Vigil Keep was explored nicely and I saw some great video of Hoelbrak. It just seems every video all people want to do is run around fighting meaningless battles. The majority of clips I have seen are unsatisfying most of the time. It seems like most people have no idea what game they are playing. I understand they have never played the game before but basic knowledge of MMORPG's can carry over nicely. A lot of people weren't even switching weapons when they started and this made me a bit helpless to be completely honest. I would just love to be there and tell the person the information I know :D

If I got the chance to head to PAX east I would be thrilled first of all. But mostly I think my play experience would differ greatly from those that I have seen. One I would select my weapons and sets of the bat instead of just running in not knowing what I have equipped. Two I would quickly dye my armor so I don't look like every other adventurer wandering around. Three I would focus my attention on picking utility skills that match my current weapon. Four I would at least try and remember what each skill did so I could be at least prepared. Then I would adventure and explore!

I find too many times people just mash skills where they have no knowledge of what it even does. Also I am not sure if people know that right clicking on a skill makes it auto activate whenever it can. I am not sure if that is still in the demos but from an earlier convention I heard this. Supposedly right clicking on the skill activates it whenever it is available. This would prevent the common button mashing I could see apparent during PAX. This would be useful for having the first skill constantly going and using the others when needed. I really hope this is kept in the game as I do not want to have to mash 1 for each basic attack I want to perform.

Anyways, it seems the main focus of demos is revolving around combat. The few scarce videos of people actually exploring and trying new things is a blessing, hopefully more is to come. It seems that more videos are popping up from PAX and I just have to keep scouring I guess until someones focus is different.

Ramble complete, good day!

Give Notch a Break!

Recently with the new 1.4 Minecraft update I am seeing a lot of crap. Too many people are tweeting notch about him "not releasing the update fast enough." In one tweet he says "Now, beers at Imperiet!" Everyone starts replying "I want my update!" and "wheres the update?" This is really pissing me off. Everyone seems to think this is their update and that Notch is being so lazy. He works his ass off and I think everyone is becoming greedy and impatient because there isn't huge updates every month. They have a small company and they are real human beings too! Let them go have beers if they want to. They aren't here to serve us and our gaming needs. If he wants to go and live life he should be able too without people shitting bricks.

Man, I really wish people would just grow up and realize that life goes on. Just because your bloody update with wolves isn't coming right this second doesn't mean you have to freak on Notch. I don't want to see Notch give up his game because of too many people hating on him for everything he does that isn't related to Minecraft.

All in all, let the man go for beers if he wants too! Life is to lived and he can damn well do so if he pleases. I want that update too but patience is a virtue young grasshoppers. May peace keep us together in the end.

Ramble complete, good day!

Friday, 18 March 2011

The Start of More!

Going to start blogging I guess. I don't know what to talk about so far, probably gaming and stuff. Mostly Guild Wars 2 and Minecraft probably. Just games in general. Well, onwards!

Ramble complete, good day!