Monday, 28 March 2011

Crafting Celebrations

The crafting system unveiled a while back for Guild Wars 2 has taken a lot of controversy. I am one of the people who really hopes they don't change it because I personally believe it is magnificent. A discovery system seems perfect for Guild Wars 2 considering the exploration freedom and mind blowing customization. To me it is a warmly welcomed fit.

The wiki issue also comes up a lot. Why couldn't people just find every recipe on the wiki? Well I think if those people want to look on the wiki they can. It isn't hurting anyone and it worked fine for Minecraft.

I can just imagine the exhilarating moment when my friends and I are crafting together and someone discovers a new recipe. We could trade the recipe around and make a nice tidy profit in doing this. Then the following search for the resources and happy times while we make profit selling in the marketplace. This is one of the most enjoying moments I can see myself doing during crafting.

At the start of release the new recipes to be found will be astronomical in my opinion. Everyone will be scrambling for all release things like recipes, guild names, character names, max level and other things. Another problem that could encounter would  finding all the recipes for a trade. This seems like a vast feat and not to mention that if you do there is still 8 crafting disciplines. I think by the time you master all 8 there will have been some sort of micro update to start you off again.

The discovery system, some people I think don't realize, could go on for months after release. The chances of finding every single recipe seems slim to none. There will probably be a lot of recipes that go untouched for months after release. I can see the smile already appearing on my face as the wiki turns up no results for my search of a new recipe I found.

Ahhh the joy that is to come :D Anyways...

Ramble complete, good day!

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