Friday, 25 March 2011

Give Notch a Break!

Recently with the new 1.4 Minecraft update I am seeing a lot of crap. Too many people are tweeting notch about him "not releasing the update fast enough." In one tweet he says "Now, beers at Imperiet!" Everyone starts replying "I want my update!" and "wheres the update?" This is really pissing me off. Everyone seems to think this is their update and that Notch is being so lazy. He works his ass off and I think everyone is becoming greedy and impatient because there isn't huge updates every month. They have a small company and they are real human beings too! Let them go have beers if they want to. They aren't here to serve us and our gaming needs. If he wants to go and live life he should be able too without people shitting bricks.

Man, I really wish people would just grow up and realize that life goes on. Just because your bloody update with wolves isn't coming right this second doesn't mean you have to freak on Notch. I don't want to see Notch give up his game because of too many people hating on him for everything he does that isn't related to Minecraft.

All in all, let the man go for beers if he wants too! Life is to lived and he can damn well do so if he pleases. I want that update too but patience is a virtue young grasshoppers. May peace keep us together in the end.

Ramble complete, good day!

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