Friday, 25 March 2011

Demo Focus

It seems from most of the PAX 2011 videos I have managed to find all revolve around combat. People playing Guild Wars 2 only seem interested in fighting. Sure combat is what holds an MMORPG together but it isn't the only thing. I just wish there was more videos of people actually exploring. Instead of people just doing the same events over and over again with the same weapons, more should have tried to explore. Granted there was a few very nice videos. The Vigil Keep was explored nicely and I saw some great video of Hoelbrak. It just seems every video all people want to do is run around fighting meaningless battles. The majority of clips I have seen are unsatisfying most of the time. It seems like most people have no idea what game they are playing. I understand they have never played the game before but basic knowledge of MMORPG's can carry over nicely. A lot of people weren't even switching weapons when they started and this made me a bit helpless to be completely honest. I would just love to be there and tell the person the information I know :D

If I got the chance to head to PAX east I would be thrilled first of all. But mostly I think my play experience would differ greatly from those that I have seen. One I would select my weapons and sets of the bat instead of just running in not knowing what I have equipped. Two I would quickly dye my armor so I don't look like every other adventurer wandering around. Three I would focus my attention on picking utility skills that match my current weapon. Four I would at least try and remember what each skill did so I could be at least prepared. Then I would adventure and explore!

I find too many times people just mash skills where they have no knowledge of what it even does. Also I am not sure if people know that right clicking on a skill makes it auto activate whenever it can. I am not sure if that is still in the demos but from an earlier convention I heard this. Supposedly right clicking on the skill activates it whenever it is available. This would prevent the common button mashing I could see apparent during PAX. This would be useful for having the first skill constantly going and using the others when needed. I really hope this is kept in the game as I do not want to have to mash 1 for each basic attack I want to perform.

Anyways, it seems the main focus of demos is revolving around combat. The few scarce videos of people actually exploring and trying new things is a blessing, hopefully more is to come. It seems that more videos are popping up from PAX and I just have to keep scouring I guess until someones focus is different.

Ramble complete, good day!

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