Monday, 6 June 2011

Attracting The Masses

Guides across the Internet promise fame and glory for your blog. They can give you tips and tricks on how to increase your viewing. I think the best way to improve a blog is to just blog. Sounds silly but I think it is the truth.

So more content on the way. I will aim for a minimum of one blog a day. Throughout the summer it could become a bit harder with vacationing and limited computer access but I will try my best. Maybe even just write them out and transfer it to a computer when I get back. This way a huge influx of material could come out at once boosting my views. Blogging seems like a great way to get my thoughts out to anyone interested. So if you are reading this why not keep an eye on the little establishment I have started here. I take inspiration from a great blogger Ravious from Killtenrats and hope to reach his level eventually. He has such inspiring work and I am amazed by his writing talent. If you haven't already check out Killtenrats on the sidebar to the right. They have an amazing group of bloggers talking about games.

I just hope to really improve my blog and my writing skills. Hopefully I can increase my viewings and build a fanbase. A little money wouldn't hurt either :P

Ramble complete, good day!

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