Sunday, 5 June 2011

Minecraft 1.7 Adventuring Update

As most of you will probably know already, the 1.7 update for Minecraft will be focused generally, if not entirely, on adventuring. But what though, we have no idea. It seems at E3 Notch will be working on a bit of developement for that (without testing, eep!).

If I stop and think about what I would want for an adventuring update I am not entirely sure. Adventuring... what would that entail? Cities, outposts? Transportation? There is a lot of things that come to mind for me when I think of Adventuring. Travel could be entailed, moving from one place to another. But I am not sure what else he could add? Horses would make sense, vehicles not so much. In the not so distant future I could see some sort of ridable animal make it's way into Minecraft. With the addition of maps this would be useful. A land speed increase entity would be great. For adventuring this could definitely mean underground too. I think some new ores are much needed or even just being able to make obsidian tools. The problem now is what they could do. I mean diamond tools already collect the resources pretty quickly. If Notch maybe gave some new ores and those tools could have special properties. For example maybe a pickaxe that could have a 10% chance of dropping 2x the ore, or a hatchet to do the same. This would be a very cool feature the new tool wouldn't just generically break things faster.

Another aspect of Adventuring could be NPC life. He could add small civilizations you could find and maybe trade with. Maybe finally a currency could be added like coins or something. This would be usefull. Or they could just trade in some other useless item like slime balls.

Adventuring totes at a wide range of addable features. Hopefully Notch can realize what the community is wanting and throw in a nice flavour of his own to these ideas. As the community I would love to see a bunch of these things I said above, and I also would love some of the community to stop complaining. Sometimes if there is something really bad like the 1.6 problems, but some of it is just silly.

Adventuring eh? What a wonderful topic for Minecraft!

Ramble complete, good day!

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