Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pondering Adsense

Obviously Ads on websites, blogs, flash games etc. make people money. They give people the difference between maintaining a website or not. Some people can live off this and some can not. I am really not sure about the whole concept. I have no idea how much you would make for this kind of ad revenue. Obviously I won't know until I try and I don't expect much. The little blog I have going isn't going to be raking in the cash for me. Even tiny amounts of money to me would be satisfying, to know that my humble though and works were accomplishing it. That a simple 5-10 minutes of my time for a blog could be potentially attracting more people and revenue. I mean hey, with no penalty for trying why not. Millions of people probably make money on the internet and it is simple. Why not do what I love, play and blog about video games while making money! To me that is an amazing concept, to be able to play video games and just blog my thoughts about them bringing in revenue would be surreal. I mean at the moment to start making money simply even small amounts would be awesome. Even if the amount of money I got increased over time this way I could just use this money for University or even more games to blog about. I mean a lot of youtubers get a lot of money from making videos. I myself am not talented in really making videos etc. and so many videos are uploaded each day that my videos just get washed away in the whole tsunami of content. But with blogging I find a much better satisfaction. Sure it may be easier but the time and though is still there. You have to be pretty talented to be able to write stuff people actually want to read. Since blogging uses only one sense of sight and say making videos would use sight and sound. In this way I think us bloggers have to put more thought to make our words jump out of the page at the viewer.

So I will try Adsense. It is not going to hurt anyone, majority of viewers will most likely neglect advertisements anyways. It is a simple advertisement that no one has any obligation to click. Cough. :O

Ramble complete, good day!

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