Friday, 10 June 2011

Tap-Repeatedly Interview for Guild Wars 2 Professions

First of all, Lewis B you are an interview genius. The question you came up with and picked from the community delved so deep into all profession aspects of Guild Wars 2. From creation to innovation it covered it all. And if you haven't seen it already do click here ->

What I would like to do is go over some of my favorite points of the interview. As the interview is fairly long and complex I will briefly describe each.

Firstly, the thief's blinding power sounds superb. "You ground target it, it hits all the enemies in that area and blinds them all and it cloaks all the allies in that area at the same time." I can see multiple PvP uses for this and PvE too. It really slots into the "all classes can do it all" saying. Because this is strictly a support skill in my opinion that could get you and your allies out of a dangerous situation. ArenaNet really has thought of everything!

"I think the ranger pets are terrible right now..." Now for a developer to actually say that about his own game is mind-blowing. ArenaNet is actually seeing their problems and not hiding them from the public. They realize what is wrong with the Pet A.I. and are fixing it. They aren't going to ignore it and maybe slot in a quick patch after release. They are going to do their best to fix it, after all the pets and rangers have to work in unison.

At one point Jon P talks about having 12 professions in the game. They then went to 7, 10, 7 and finalized on 8. This shows they aren't a static group of people and will make changes if necessary. The best way to fix things are to change them or improve them. Even scrap them if it is completely necessary and I am amazed ArenaNet sees this because some companies would not. "Juggernaut" also sounds like it would have been an interesting warrior hybrid. Expansion pack perhaps?

Another thing once again I disliked ArenaNet has fixed. Death Shroud, where casting when not downed would teleport you back to where you casted it once the duration is done. They have not only made it so you stay where you are once the duration is over but it will not be a downed state. It will be a castable spell which is better in my opinion. I think that Necromancers would have been a little too overpowered after death compared to the other professions. Also they mentioned specifically the Elementalist got a nice skill revamp too. They mixed a few and tweaked etc. That should be interesting to play out.

I could go on for ages about all the rich content contained in the interview but might as well find out for yourself. The above is what I found most intriguing to me personally. Feel free to comment on anything you thought was cool about the interview!

Ramble complete, good day!

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