Thursday, 2 June 2011

Project Zomboid First Gameplay

In a zombie stricken town you play a balding devoted man. His wife hurt badly by some unknown reason, possibly bitten by a zombie. You are thrust into this terrorized town and are left to fend for yourself. Just like you would in real life. The game although still in closed pre-order only alpha shows great promise. At the moment there is just a single fairly linear storyline.

The game throws at you what other zombie survival games don't, realism. Barricading doors and other decisions give the game an experience we could relate too. It gives us a look at the real side of a zombie apocalypse. Hunger, starvation, insanity and mostly survival.

[Spoilers most likely below, don't read if you want to find out for yourself.]

After loading up for the first time and starting my adventure I was amazed at a few simple things. It gives you a very brief tutorial and leaves the rest to you. The first thing you do is tend to your wounded wife. She has a bleeding leg and is bed-stricken. You are also left with the pillow and one fiendish option. Using the pillow on her will smother her, isn't that just awesome! You head to the shed grabbing some hammer, nails and wood. Here you barricade yourself in and sleep the night.

The next morning you head out to scavenge for food. Another house to the east you approach gives you a small taste of combat inside. Here in the kitchen you get to hammer your way through a zombies cranium. And the blood splatter was marvelous. The walls and floor became covered with blood behind where I splattered the zombie. For such a chunky and pixelly game it was amazing. It is just the small details that make a game in my opinion. Now throwing the soup you find in the oven is a very delicate process. Running upstairs while it's cooking your wife will ask "You turned the oven off before you came up here, right?" .......woops. And the fire spreads like mad, what do I do? Panic! I hid in the bathroom upstairs as the zombies broke down the front door and the fire spread quickly. Death quickly followed.

For a first play through it was extremely enjoyable. Realistic consequences plopped me on my but in the bathroom reliving the mistakes as the smoke crept under the door. The surreality of it all was just so amazing. My next playthroughs followed the same fate. Leaving the door open causing a flood of zombies at night, my friendly neighbour dropped by for a quick after-soup shooting to leave me and my wife dead. The next followed me running madly down the street being chased my numerous brain-thirsty zombies.

[Spoiler part ends here!]

Each playthrough ended with me lying dead on the ground, not usually what happens in your average zombie survival game. I never reached no safehouse or found the helicopter to take me away. I didn't blast my way through waves of zombies and find ammo around every corner. It was real. Which will make it so unique once it is a finished product. If you haven't already I say buy it, 5 euros or about 8 canadian and american. Just head on over to With a similar Minecraft buy and free update structure it will be worth it down the road. At the moment don't expent oodles of content though, so wait if you want to purchase with more content.

Ramble complete, good day!

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