Monday, 30 May 2011

Who you want to be.

In the world of gaming who are you? What do you want to be? A strong brutish bulk of a man crushing skulls and ripping throats? A soft-skinned maiden frolicking through the meadows? Why is it so hard for MMORPG's to give us the choice? Just because I am wearing heavy armor should I be the one taking all the damage? Sure it makes sense but our skills shouldn't define what we are, we should.

ArenaNet sees this, they pluck this little thought out of the huge scheme of things and plop it right into Guild Wars 2. They say, "Here, be what you want." They don't hand you a pre-written character biography as same as the next guys. They aren't telling you how to play your character. You get to make the decisions, choose your destiny. Why should I have to attack those orcs? Maybe they are just having a rough day. What If I want to just run by and maybe drop by later? Why can't other games clue in to this idea of choice. One of the most marvelous ideas ever created, or thought of.

Choice is what defines us, we are independent creatures at heart. We make our own decisions in the real world so why not in a fantasy reality? Guild Wars 2 isn't pre-cooking your meal and packaging it up for you pre-made to toss in the microwave. They give you the ingredients and the know how then saying "Go for it, do what you want." Sure maybe you mix a few wrong spices and it turns out terribly. Next time around you correct what you have done wrong learning from last time.

 If we approach a centaur encampment and all rush the center dying then we should rethink. Instead of having a static set of skills and charging into battle thinking "I have to mash the buttons faster," Why not just be given the choice to mix things up. Maybe since the centaurs are closer together a flamethrower kit could be handy to quickly hit a bunch of them together. Then maybe in the next part of the encampment they are stationary archers spread out. Maybe the ranger can switch to a longbow because he can stand still instead of having to dodging melee. These are our choices. These are given to us.

ArenaNet has taken a deep breath and thought hard. What do the players want? What is missing in all these games? They have found it, and it is beautiful. The power of choice feels good, so good.

Ramble complete, good day!

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