Wednesday, 25 May 2011


A game full of adventure, yet so short. I feel stuck now, this game is such an enjoyable experience and yet after 37 hours I feel like I have done it all. The amount of updates will most likely not keep me hooked with new content. I understand now that they will be doing bug fixes and getting settled. Obviously the 200,000 sales has hit them in some way. You cannot just walk that off, it takes some getting used to. The developers definitely deserve it for making a unique game that stands out in a market of Minecraft copycats. It manages to defy the odds and hold true to its own style.

For that the Developers deserve credit. Now I just wish updates were more frequent but I know they will not. The game is an adventure game, once you have the best items there isn't not much else to do. I think that is where Minecraft has exceeded so well, I can easily just start up a fresh game and play for hours. I will not get bored too often. Even the infrequent updates don't bother me because there are so many things I can build. It is amazing because I never feel that my town or house is completely finished. Each new world starts a fresh character where as Terraria it is carried over. This could be one of its weaknesses. Sure I could start up a new character but the annoying painstaking process to obtain all those items does not seem fun to repeat. In Minecraft it isn't overly difficult but at the same time it is. That may not make sense but I think Notch has found a perfect balance. He has perfected all aspects of a great game. An amazing exploration, building and monster fighting game. Now each update is just slowly boosting its re-playability. For each new redstone gadget and mob he adds the game gets so much better. Even know with a fairly smaller item base that could be so much better it is amazing. I can just see in between now and the full release all the stuff to be added.

Over the summer it will most likely die down as people go off on vacation, including Mojang. So over the summer updates will probably be less frequent. Finally as summers comes to a close they will pick up dramatically until November 11th. From there the sky is the limit. Notch will continue and I am glad, for Minecraft will never be finished.

It will continue until all is done. Which I hope is never.

Ramble complete, good day!

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