Thursday, 19 May 2011

Guild Wars 2 Engineer

I knew it, and I called it. Yeah everyone says that but I did, I came up with the name engineer back when the ranger had no guns and I figured a gun class would be. Why add guns to a game with no class specified for it? The engineer is a grenade lobbing technical master of explosions. If I wasn't already hooked to the thief this would be my profession on release. Everything about it is just so explosive. I feel like every second I could just be blowing the shit out of everything left, right and center.

I wonder how the Roleplayers will take this. They might think this kind of advanced explosive warfare shouldn't be at the time where Guild Wars 2 takes place but I think it fits in. Even if the Charr have only developed most of it I think it would still be present. I am just glad they didn't add lock on missile launcher turrets, that would be a little crazy. I think this is a welcome addition to Guild Wars 2.

My one worry is just a general over inflation of this class. Like we saw with the races, the Charr. I think the problem is it just such an intense action packed profession. I can sense no lack of Charr Engineers on release. But still all in all I have to congratulate ArenaNet. They have broken the mold and created a mix of amazing professions that will work together like peanut butter and jam. Now we just have one more to slot into place. Speculation on this points to Mesmer but I am unsure. It seems like the most logical choice but you never know. ArenaNet seems to have multiple tricks up their sleeves. Keeps us hungry I guess.

Ramble complete, good day!

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