Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Terraria Awesomecosity

Now to start, I am a huge Minecraft fan. This game is definitely not its replacement. More of a adventuring game to keep my appetite wet until more updates from Notch. With that said, Terraria is epic.

A smooth mix of action and combat plus the 2D arcade style makes for one hell of a trip. So far with a friend we have only gone down about 1500 feet and still the adventure is never amiss. I think the difficulty is challenging and with losing only money on death it is welcomed gladly. The pool of monsters add variety to the game something Minecraft cannot compete with (yet).

Minecraft for now is my 3D build epic things and have little wolfies kind of game (which all 20 are named!). And the latter Terraria is to become my futuristic adventuring game. If only a blend of Minecraft's 3D sandbox elements and Terraria's amazing adventuring components were mixed. Some unique items in Minecraft would be so great and I think that is where Terraria exceeds.

All in all I guess both games have their pros and cons. Terraria seems to have a smaller group of devoted developers which is handy. A 2D game also (to me) seems to be easier to provide updates? I am not entirely sure but assuming that more frequent updates would be awesome. By no means am I complaining about Minecraft's time period for updates. I think at the moment a lot of things are piling in and updates aren't their highest priority. That being said more would be nice, just throwing it out there. Need those pistons, my trap temple of doom must be finished!

Ramble complete, good day!

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