Monday, 9 May 2011

WvWvW idea

Posted this on  the Guild Wars 2 forums, reposting here as this was my post and might as well.

It seems ArenaNet has still been thinking about a way to restrict world switching to prevent players jumping to the winning world. They also want to make it so switching worlds would be convenient to meet up with friends.

I see a balance that needs to be found and I have an idea.

Switching to a world whilst a WvWvW week or whatever is underplace should provide restrictions on the players involvement in PvP and not directly on switching servers.

For example, if I am on the world "coconut" and my friend who had recently started playing accidentally created a character on the world "banana," we would run into a problem. If the WvWvW was undergoing and the world "banana" was winning it could be hard to get into that world. What if instead of preventing that person from switching to the world "banana" but instead they just are restricted from joining the WvWvW and play for the world "banana." This would allow the player to play with their friend in PvE but not allow players to jump to winning teams.

Then if the first player wanted to PvP they would have to switch to the world "coconut" to partake. This would allow players to PvE with their friends at all times whilst eliminating any manipulation in PvP.

Now finally (bear with me :P) the WvWvW week would end on tuesday lets say. But the first player on "coconut" couldn't play that day but he wanted to switch his WvWvW world to "banana" there should be an option to do that. For example "when the next WvWvW ends I want to participate on the world [drop down menu select 'banana']" This way it eliminates the players having to actually be on a world they wanted to be on for WvWvW.

TL;DR Switching worlds during WvWvW allows PvE to continue but PvP is restricted for the world switched to. An option to select which world you would like to partake in WvWvW when the week for WvWvW ends.

Anyways kind of like a blog I posted on forums for more feedback.

Ramble complete, good day!

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