Thursday, 26 May 2011

250 Years

If you take our civilization 2011 and minus 250 you get 1761. Go back to 1761 and we had what? Forts and small civilizations. We had horses and no technology whatsoever. In 250 fifty years we have advance so much it is ridiculous. And yet for a fantasy world we see a simple turret or landmine out of place. A small LED light possibly. The world of Tyria is a evolving place. Some have stuck with medieval methods while others have chosen to evolve. Like the Charr, and in real world modern day citizens. For example the Natives did not change but the English and others inhabiting America, USA etc. did. 250 years is a bloody long time to advance. If ArenaNet made Guild Wars 2 actually advance the way we did Tyria would have planes, trains and automobiles. They would be at a similar position as us. I am just glad they decided to keep medieval roots in the game but throw in a much needed splash of technology. The Engineers to me seem like the pioneers of Tyria, the Albert Einsteins. They are the ones driving change.

Who knows, maybe in Guild Wars 3 we will be flying around on hoverboards shooting nukes out of our fingers.

Ramble complete, good day!

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